Our Approach

Most of the time, life’s difficulties can be mediated, negotiated, or settled without legal assistance.  Other times, life’s challenges require legal intervention to be resolved. 


While for most of us, litigation is not the preferred option of dispute resolution, there can come a time when the legal route is your only option.  Whether it’s a probate matter or a real estate dispute, even reasonable people can find themselves facing a lawsuit.

Some fights need fighting.


Many people don’t even think about legal representation until after they already need it.  Early legal intervention can make a world of difference in the possible outcomes available to our clients. 

Call now.


Our receptionist will schedule an appointment for you to meet with our team. Please be sure to bring all documents you feel are pertinent to your matter. Come with a clear narrative and timeline of circumstances. The more information you can communicate to us in the beginning, the better we can build your case.   

On the day of your appointment, you will meet with our team of attorneys in a private session. The purpose of this meeting is to listen, learn, and understand your situation. A typical intake meeting lasts approximately 60 minutes and is billed hourly. During this time, our focus is on you. We will get to know one another, set reasonable expectations, and determine which courses of action address your needs. Together we will decide how best to move forward.

When you find yourself in uncharted territory, give us a call. We’ll see you through.



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