Real Estate


Real Estate is a unique asset class.

Its advantages are obvious; unfortunately, its risks are often underestimated.  We understand the responsibility and challenges that come with real property ownership.

Our team is fluent in the regulatory and legal framework within State of Washington and particularly, the City of Seattle.  When faced with real estate litigation or complex transactional matters, our team knows how to protect and preserve our clients’ assets.

Seattle Real Estate Attorney Services

Our representation includes title disputes, real estate fraud matters, zoning/permitting issues, complex evictions and landlord/tenant disputes, facilitating developer financing, and resolving problems involving purchase and sale transactions.  Our team also has a proven track record of successfully defending our clients against unfair housing complaints and assisting them with city code compliance.  

We also create and facilitate easements, covenants, CC&R agreements, purchase and sale transactions, deeds, and commercial and residential leases.


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